Producer Position at Reuters Sport

06 June 2018

Producer Position at Reuters Sport
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After graduating from the Journalism course last year, Aiden Nulty secured a position as a Television Sports Producer at Reuters Sport. With their new headquarters located in the Polish city of Gdynia, Aiden packed his bags and headed to his first graduate role in a new country.

We caught up with him recently to discuss his position, how he's settling in and what he misses most about Falmouth.

How did the opportunity to work for Reuters Sport arise?

I was made aware of the vacancy by a lecturer at Falmouth University, who recommended me for the role to Reuters and encouraged me to apply. I sent off my application straight away, and I then received a number to call and had a chat with the manager. Then it all went from there really.

Take us through the average working day of a Sports Producer

Each day is different. My role as a producer is to create stories out of video shot in the field by Reuters, or supplied to Reuters by partners, social media and PR handouts. I'll cut and edit this footage into a full video, for example the highlights of a football match or the best bits from a press conference. I then shortlist and write a story to complement the video and send it to our clients.

A couple of hours later, I might see the video I just edited on TV or being shared on Facebook by the likes of the BBC or Channel 4. I also help with sourcing potential stories or events which may be of interest.

How have you settled into life in Poland?

It's been quite easy to be honest. Poland's the fourth country I've lived in, but the first one where I can't speak the language. But most people here speak English, or at least have a grasp of it and, if all else fails, Google Translate is a lifesaver! One of the major motivations to be a journalist was to travel the world, so I was fine with relocating.

What have been your favourite aspects of the job so far?

I watch sport for a living, what's not to like! I've also learnt a lot during my time here and my skills have come a long way. Also, the opportunity to work on new things and attend events across the world is a really cool part of the job.

Have there been any major challenges during your stay?

In terms of my work, just getting up to speed and memorising the styles in which to write and that sort of thing. I also miss pasties!

How did studying at Falmouth help you to achieve your goals?

Falmouth gave me knowledge of the all-round skills which are essential in modern journalism. Having not just a grasp of editing video, but also how to shoot it, record audio, write articles and gather stories have all been invaluable. The lecturers were great and it's the relationships I was able to develop with them that have led me to where I am today.


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