Why I chose to study Graphic Design at Falmouth

09 January 2024

Three students sat at a table in a Graphic Design studio at Falmouth University
School Of Communication graphic design studio

This piece was written by BA(Hons) Graphic Design student Daisy about her experiences studying at Falmouth.

Applying to university can be a difficult decision! Deciding where and what to study, you might feel completely overwhelmed - but I hope that this blog will be helpful, as I can share my process and tips, after being at uni for just over a year now.

I personally had a hard time deciding what course to study. I eventually landed on Graphic Design after talking to my teachers at school and having a look online at different options. A large part of my decision was that Graphic Design is quite a broad course and you get to explore many different areas including digital skills, sketchbook work, bookbinding and many more. Therefore, it’s perfect if you're not completely sure what path you want to take in the future (which is completely fine by the way - you don’t have to have it all figured out yet!).

Then it was time to make my decision about where I wanted to study. I first looked at many different universities' websites, ordered prospectuses and again talked to my teachers at school for advice. This is a great way to start looking and get a general idea for what's out there, but I personally would emphasise the importance of visiting each place that you’re considering in-person, if you can, as this allows you to truly get a feel for the place. It’s great to go to Open Days that universities are hosting, but if you can’t make it to any of these, then I would also suggest just walking around the town/city, as you will be living where you study so the actual place is a vital part of the decision making process!

The top reasons why I chose Graphic Design at Falmouth was for the creative and close-knit atmosphere of the town & uni campuses, the location, what I'd heard from current students at an Open Day and the facilities Falmouth has to offer.

The atmosphere at Falmouth Uni is completely different to other unis I visited. It feels very supportive & personal. Almost everyone is doing something creative, so it’s filled with different creative people, who can all help each other and the tutors are super friendly, so it’s not intimidating to ask for help.

The location is also a clear draw to the uni. Falmouth Campus is about a 10-minute walk from the beach, which is amazing for meeting up with friends by the sea at lunch or after lectures and I often go on walks around the coast after uni. It's only about 15 minutes from the town to the beach, which is ideal. I think it's great for your mental health to be somewhere with so many amazing outdoor spaces, as you never feel trapped inside like you can do in cities. And this isn't just in summer - my friends and I often go swimming all year round (it’s a good idea to invest in a wetsuit if you're doing this though!).

The range of amazing facilities were also a big draw to Falmouth for me. There are so many different workshops you can get involved in, so they can be part of your projects. There are Wednesday Open Workshops (WOW), which allow you to learn things like laser cutting, screenprinting, bookbinding and many more. Once you're inducted, you can sign up at any time to use these facilities. This is an amazing opportunity to expand your horizons and find new passions for things you hadn’t previously thought of doing, or didn't think you could get involved in as part of Graphic Design.

One of the things I would strongly recommend is visiting an Open Day. This is how I made up my mind about going to Falmouth. As soon as I stepped on the campus it had such a homely feel and I could really see myself studying here. The current students had nothing but good things to say and it was so helpful in making my decision, as the uni was no longer just what I'd read online, but a real place!

I hope this was a helpful overview about why I chose to study Graphic Design at Falmouth. Fingers crossed the process now feels a little less overwhelming! Good luck with making your decision!

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