Student Accommodation

Colourful blocks of student accommodation on Penryn Campus

Accommodation options to suit your needs and budget.

Read through our student accommodation guide here and if you have any questions our friendly Accommodation Team are happy to help.

Are you an undergraduate or postgraduate student?

If you're studying an undergraduate degree (BA(Hons) or BSc(Hons)), then this page will guide you through your student accommodation options and how to apply. Head to 'choosing your accommodation type' section to start.

If you're a postgraduate student (studying a master's), then you can head to our dedicated postgraduate accommodation page to find out what's available for you.

Choose your accommodation type

The first thing you’ll want to think about is the type of student accommodation you’d like to live in. You'll choose between university or privately operated accommodation.

Type of accommodation Description
University This accommodation is owned, managed or approved by the University. It's often called "halls of residence".

This is private housing in the community offered for rent by independent/private landlords. Skip to our private accommodation section for more information. 

Our halls of residence

You can explore the halls of residence in more detail here and then come back to this page to read about what you need to do to apply.

Courtyard at Tuke House halls of residence
Tuke House_3

Tuke House

Tuke House is located in the heart of Falmouth town. It has 156 rooms divided into flats of five. Ea...

Tuke House
The View
The View

The View

The View is located in the centre of Falmouth just a short walk from our Falmouth Campus.

The View
The Sidings building set amongst trees

The Sidings

The Sidings offers accommodation for a total of 233 students spread across 36 flats that range in si...

The Sidings
Exterior view of Packsaddle student accommodation at Falmouth University
Packsaddle exterior

Packsaddle Hill

Located just a few minutes from Penryn Campus, Packsaddle Hill offers a combination of single occupa...

Packsaddle Hill
Living interior with dining table and arm chairs
Maritime Studios 1

Maritime Studios

Maritime Studios offers purpose build studio accommodation comprising of single occupancy, self-cont...

Maritime Studios
Students walking through Glasney Village with arms linked.
Students walking in Glasney Student Village

Glasney Student Village

The majority of Glasney Student Village offers shared rooms. This is a great way to save money and m...

Glasney Student Village
Armyn House
Armyn House

Armyn House

Armyn House is located in the centre of Falmouth just a short walk from our Falmouth Campus. ...

Armyn House

Applying for University accommodation

If you're thinking of applying for University owned, managed or approved accommodation (often called halls of residence), then you can browse the options below. 

To begin your accommodation application, you’ll need to have accepted your offer of a place at Falmouth University. 

Then, using our accommodation platform, RoomService, you can apply by ranking room options in order of your preference.   

Instead of being a first-come-first-serve system, we use a ballot to determine the accommodation you'll be offered, so that the process is as fair as possible. We’ll take your preferences into account, but can’t guarantee what sort of room you will be allocated. Please be aware that approximately a third of all bed spaces being offered are in shared occupancy.

A-Z of Accommodation

Explore student accommodation options at Falmouth University.

How to decide which halls are right for you

We have a range of halls with different room, price and location options. It's worth considering what's important to you. 

Are you looking to keep costs down? In that case Glasney Student Village’s shared rooms might be your best option. Not great at cooking? You might want the ease and set costs of catered accommodation at Glasney Student Village, too. Do you want to be in Falmouth town centre? Then why not consider Tuke House. Or are you considering the commute to the campus on which you'll be studying - Penryn or Falmouth - and whether you want accommodation nearby?  

Keep this in mind as you look at the halls of residence that we offer. This will make it easier for you to put them in order of preference when you apply. The allocation of accommodation is made by ballot; where possible, we try to consider your preferences, though this is not always possible. 

Which student accommodation is right for me?

Applying for student accommodation? We’ve gathered insights from our students about their experience of living in a range of Falmouth University student accommodation. 

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Students walking in Glasney Student Village at Falmouth University

University accommodation application journey

The below information is for students starting in September 2024.

Information about how to apply for accommodation for September 2025 will be released in spring 2025.

If you're a first-year undergraduate student and make your accommodation application before 5pm on the 26 June 2024, you’ll be guaranteed a place in University owned, managed or approved accommodation. 

Applying for University accommodation involves registering, applying and then waiting to hear which residence you've been allocated. Check out the key dates below: 




11 April 2024

Applications for new students open at 12pm.


26 June 2024

Ballot closes at 5pm.


Applications received after the 26 June are not guaranteed a place in University owned or managed accommodation.


Any remaining rooms will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Explore the University's accommodation options to see which might best suit you. You'll be able to find out about the accommodation, what's included in the rent, where the residence is located and the price. 

The below costs refer to students starting in September 2024.



Est. Number of beds available 

Price per week 

Tenancy length by weeks 


shared room



(£192.85 catered) 




single room



(£239.05 catered) 



Tuke House 







Packsaddle Hill 



£183.19 - £233.31




The Sidings 



£181.26 - £214.18 




Maritime Studios 



£229.00 - £261.00


Armyn House


26 £179.00 - £260.00 42

The View 


68 £179.00 - £200.00 42


Estimated total number of beds available 






If you have a disability, physical or mental health condition that requires special consideration or adjustment in your accommodation, then you'll need to tell us about this during your application and provide medical evidence. 

We encourage you to apply for accommodation as soon as you can if you think this might apply to you. You can find out more about our accommodation application and allocation policy in relation to medical priorities by contacting

You must have firmly accepted your place to study with Falmouth University before applying for accommodation. 

  1. Once you're ready, create an account in Room Service using your Falmouth student ID. This number can be found in your application portal. 
  2. Rank your accommodation in order of preference. 
  3. Confirm your choices and submit your application. 

Keep in mind that we can’t guarantee that you’ll be allocated your top choices, so make sure you have a good look at the other options and put them in your order of preference. 

If you need help deciding, you can chat to our friendly Accommodation Team

We want accommodation allocation to be as fair as possible, so we use a ballot. This means that you'll be able to tell us your preferences, and we’ll try to accommodate these, but because some of the choices are more popular than others, not everyone can be allocated these. The accommodation you'll be allocated therefore will be partly decided by the ballot. 

What happens in a ballot? 

All student accommodation applications are anonymised and randomised before being given a number. This number is the application's position in the 'ballot'. We then allocate accommodation according to your application's position in the ballot. We'll offer you the highest one of your accommodation preferences available at that time. 

This means you may not get your top choices. You can read more about the accommodation and allocations policy here

If you apply after 26 June 2024

After the 26 June, accommodation will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis according to what's still available, and you are not guaranteed a place in University owned and managed accommodation. 

Once you’ve completed your application you can expect to hear the result in the following timeframes: 

About you 

When you’ll hear 


If you apply for your accommodation within the ballot period (before 26 June 2024). 


You’ll receive your accommodation offer via email on or after 25 July 2024 if you applied within the ballot period. 

If you applied for your accommodation after the ballot period (after 26 June 2024). 

You’ll receive your accommodation offer via email within 28 days of your application if you applied after 26 June 2024. 

If you applied by 26 June 2024, and require a room due to medical reasons

Those who require a room due to medical reasons will receive their offers within around 14 working days once an ILP has been approved by our Accessibility Team and any adjustments are confirmed.

These will be allocated as and when they are processed, so may be before 25 July 2024. 


Appealing your allocation

If there is a reason that the accommodation you've been allocated is not suitable, for example you have a disability, medical condition or welfare circumstances that make it unsuitable, then you'll be able to appeal the decision. It’s important to include information about these things in your application so we can try and allocate you the best accommodation for your needs in the first instance. If you appeal the accommodation you’ve been allocated we will, where possible, try and find a solution for you. 

We welcome applications and will process these as soon as possible when they are submitted during the Clearing period.

Accommodation will be subject to availability on a first come first served basis. Go to our Clearing accommodation page for more information on how to apply.

Accommodation for Clearing applicants

Going private

You might decide that halls of residence aren’t for you and you’d prefer to live in a privately rented room, flat or house in Falmouth, Penryn or the surrounding area. If you want help finding somewhere to live you can read the advice and guidance from our Accommodation Team. 

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View from above of Falmouth, houses, coastline, sea and clouds.

Accommodation for postgraduate students

If you're studying an on-campus master's degree you may want to find local accommodation. Find out more about postgraduate accommodation and how to apply.

Find out more
Glasney Student Village Exterior

Any questions?

If you have questions or would like support in your application for accommodation then our friendly team will be happy to chat to you:  

T: 01326 253639  

If you would like to read our accommodation policies please follow this link: accommodation policies.