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Our Immersive Business Team enables SMEs across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to apply immersive and innovative technologies to improve customer experience and business processes.

We aim to fuse state-of-the-art immersive technology and business consultancy to encourage the development of new products, experiences and solutions. This two-year programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund led by Falmouth University in collaboration with the University of Exeter. 

What is immersive technology?

Immersive technology is rapidly changing the way we think about digital experiences, and offers limitless opportunities for innovating new products, user experiences and sales processes.

By creating alternative environments using extended reality (XR), immersive technologies can either create a new reality or digitally extend the physical world.

The umbrella term 'extended reality' (or XR) is made up of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). XR combines all of these to deliver computer-generated environments to deliver a totally different sensory experience.

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Immersive Business clients using VR equipment
Immersive Business

Work with Immersive Business

Our team of business coaches and technology consultants based on Penryn Campus are currently looking to work with SMEs from Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. If your business has received less than  €200,000 of government aid over a rolling three-year period, you may be eligible for business support.

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About Immersive Business

Our technology hub

Our technology hub in Penryn, Cornwall offers a unique space that houses some of the latest tools and immersive technology. The facility provides an extended reality (XR) single, multiuser, remote and collaborative immersive workspace for you to try first-hand, plus assistance from business consultancy experts. 


  • Multiple high quality 360 video (monoscopic or stereoscopic) capture and streaming capabilities – including an Insta360 Titan 11K VR camera. 
  • High quality camera and video capture 
  • Motion capture (Xsens, optical) 
  • 3D sound captures and processing 
  • Multiple stations for photogrammetry and LiDAR scanning processing
  • HP workstations comprising Nvidia Quadro RTX 4000 and Reality Capture software
  • Scanning, surveying, remote damage inspection

Multiple stations for accessing software, such as:

  • Unity Development 
  • Unreal Engine 
  • RealityCapture 
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 
  • Oculus Quest 2 headsets 
  • Epson AR overlay glasses 
  • HTC Vive VR headset 
  • HP VR G2 backpacks to enable untethered virtual reality (VR) 
  • Windows Mixed Reality HP Reverb G2 high resolution headsets – (2160 x 2160 LCD panels per eye) 
  • HoloLens V2 Microsoft mixed reality (MR) headset 

Our team

Made up of immersive technology experts and business consultants, our in-house team offer clients a collaborative blend of industry experience.  

Our Immersive Tech Specialists are veteran problem solvers with expertise in next-generation communications, visual effects and animation, while our Business Engagement Fellows are skilled strategists, communicators, project managers and early adopters.  

We can help you identify how Immersive Business can benefit your company and explore the many opportunities made possible by our technology. 

Georg Finch staff photo
Georg Finch

Georg Finch

Immersive Tech Specialist

Georg has a passion for solving complex problems with a mixture of digital and physical solutions and has worked on prototype autonomous, amphibious electric 3D survey vehicles for the MOD.

Georg Finch
Johnny Pope staff photo
Johnny Pope

Johnny Pope

Immersive Tech Specialist

Johnny is a creative specialist and has expertise in finding technical solutions to complex or abstract problems and evolving simple ways to visualise or communicate this content to a wider audience.

Johnny Pope
Rosie Goodship staff photo
Rosie Goodship

Rosie Goodship

Business Engagement Fellow

Rosie, an experienced business coach and consultant, understands growth processes for SMEs based in Cornwall being a creative and entrepreneurial thinker.

Rosie Goodship
Debby Wright headshot
Debby Wright

Debby Wright

Senior Administrator

Debby is a higher education administrator and is responsible for the efficient running of the Immersive Business office and interactions with our clients.

Debby Wright
Olivia Toms staff photo
Olivia Toms

Olivia Toms

External Funding Officer

Olivia oversees the funding and compliance of the Immersive Business programme with specific reference to the funding the programme receives from the European Regional Development Fund. 

Olivia Toms
Aleks 2

Aleksandar Vladimirov

Immersive Technical Assistant

Aleks is a recent Falmouth University graduate specialising in Computing for Video Games, previously a full-stack web developer, now working with Immersive Business to develop XR solutions.

Aleksandar Vladimirov
A student wears a VR headset while the other looks at a computer screen
Student team

Students collaborating with Spaceport for the UK’s first ever rocket launch

The opportunity for Falmouth’s students to work with Spaceport came about via Falmouth University’s innovative start-up ‘Immersive Business’, which is located on Penryn Campus. Led by Falmouth University in collaboration with the University of Exeter, Immersive Business ensures that eligible small and medium sized Cornish businesses can compete nationally and globally through the development and application of immersive technologies. Businesses can approach Immersive Business and receive twelve hours of assistance with a project free of charge.

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