How Falmouth’s future-focussed approach is inspiring graduate fashion photographer Torgeir Rørvik

24 April 2024

Photo of Torgeir Rorvik holding Graduate Fashion Week Award at the 2022 event
Torgeir Rorvik
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“Learning so much about new technology at Falmouth is a big part of why I’ve come so far,” says Fashion Photography BA graduate Torgeir Rørvik, whose recent signing by leading Scandinavian agency Tinagent represents another step in a stellar career trajectory. “The agency was clearly interested in the skills I’d acquired, notably working with 3D photography. The University’s forward-leaning attitude really helps me stand out as a photographer here in Norway.” 

A top award winner in 2022 at Graduate Fashion Week, the world’s largest showcase of BA fashion talent, Torgeir is building on that Falmouth foundation to establish himself as a freelance photographer. 

“I started out by assisting photographers in Oslo, which gave me the chance to work with a lot of talented people in both fashion and commercial photography,” he explains. “I learned a ton and picked up various tips and tricks for shooting both in the studio and on location. One of the most valuable experiences has been understanding how to properly light commercial photoshoots. Even though these aren’t my main focus, they’re often where the money is. I’ve figured out how to light people in a way that really makes them shine, and how to keep clients happy, which has been incredibly educational.  

“The knowledge from the degree course is useful every day,” he says. “The expertise I gained has even led to me giving presentations to large audiences about the possibilities within the fields of artificial intelligence [AI], 3D and virtual and augmented reality. I’ve landed several significant projects where I’ve applied what I’ve learned: for instance, I had a major gig with the clothing brand Cubus, where I created a swimsuit in 3D using the program CLo3D. The skills needed to accomplish this came from my time at the University. 

“Life as a full-time photographer is really enjoyable,” adds Torgeir, who was named Newcomer of the Year at Norway’s top photography ceremony in 2023, based on Post, his final-year photobook from Falmouth. “I love every moment and I’m passionate about what I do. What’s mostly on my mind, however, is the rapid development of AI in the field. When I was studying at Falmouth, AI-generated imagery was barely even a topic for discussion; fast-forward to today and it has exploded. AI is getting better and better. I believe there’s still room for traditional fashion photographers, but I also think it’s crucial for newcomers like me to stay updated on what’s happening in the AI world.” 

I love every moment and I’m passionate about what I do.

With plans to move to London, to further develop his skills and learn more about how larger international campaigns are executed, Torgeir adds: “It’s super important to stay updated on new technology. It’s worth mentioning that the available gear at Falmouth is world-class. One of the things I miss most about the University is having access to all that equipment and those facilities.  

“The environment at Falmouth was so supportive, with natural surroundings and lecturers who were always available for a chat or to help when I needed it,” he says. “The University really succeeds in creating a unique atmosphere and vibe. As an international student, I felt at home from the moment I set foot on campus.” 

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