Industry professionals visit the Institute of Photography

06 March 2024

A group of students stood around a white table looking at camera equipment
IOP industry day 1

At Falmouth University, allowing our students to connect with Industry professionals and get an understanding of real-world practices is a crucial part of their studies. The recent Institute of Photography Industry Day is a perfect example of this. 

Attended by almost a hundred people and with representatives from ProAV, Canon UK and Rosco, students and staff were invited to take part in a series of workshops throughout the day. There was also the opportunity to attend lectures from local colleges, external clients, and the local photographic community.  

Dan Wheeler from Rosco and Mike Hall from ProAV hosted Continuous Lighting and Workflow sessions, which were particularly popular. Focusing on the increasing demand for the industry to provide moving image content alongside stills, during the sessions students were given the opportunity to interact with the latest lighting equipment.  

In each session, there was also a raffle, with students getting the chance to win a Rosco DMG Mixbook Digital Swatch book, whilst Mike offered a significant educational discount to all students purchasing equipment through ProAV. 

Carl Yates and Nick Millen from ProAV also attended the day, offering staff and students the chance to have a more intimate look at the Canon C70, CN-R Primes, Kinefinity and Anamorphic lenses. 

Meanwhile, Richard Morris from Canon UK led equally popular sessions deep-diving into the Canon R series. Alexis Gill, Technical Operations Leader, said that Attendees were “teased by a wide selection of RF lenses to get their hands on, with students even seen cradling some of the larger lenses like babies!  

“Flurries of questions kept Richard on his toes, and as attendees left, clutching a mixture of Canon freebies, there were smiles all around.” 

Reflecting on the success of the Institute of the Photography Industry Day, Alexis said: “We were delighted to have this opportunity to host the day and be able to offer these industry sessions not only to our students but also to the wider community. The ProAV, Canon and Rosco teams were equally delighted to have been received so well and are already discussing how they can provide us with further workshops in the future.” 

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