Meet online Fine Art master's student Karina Busquets

30 November 2023

Meet online Fine Art master's student Karina Busquets

We visited Fine Art MA (Online) student Karina Busquets at her home to chat about her work, and how studying online has made it possible for her to pursue her practice alongside her job and family life. 

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In this interview, Fine Art MA (Online) student Karina shares her experience of studying an online degree with Falmouth University.

Hi, I'm Karina and I'm studying Falmouth’s online master's in Fine Art. I like to draw, but I always try to transform my drawing work with a yarn or thread.

I have to do everything in my kitchen, so I spread my material on my table, and that’s it! I transform my kitchen into my studio during the day, and at the end of the day I have to wrap up and start to make time for family and dinner, and that's it. And then the next day I start all over again!

I think for me, studying online works a lot, because I can work around my schedule and for me it was just the perfect solution because I thought ‘oh, maybe I can do it!’ I'd never thought that it would be possible before.

I thought that in the beginning I would be super alone and by myself. But actually it's the first time that I'm seeing the possibility to build this network.

We start the module with a theme, so for example my last module was all about sustainability. And then every week we have a different subject within this big theme and it is very interesting how we are stimulated to respond to this topic under this big theme, and try to put that in our artwork.

It’s so welcoming; all the tutors are super supportive, letting us know all the time ‘we are here to support you in your own journey, we are not here to tell you that that's right or wrong, or that you cannot pursue this path’.

I didn't know that I was going to find so many international students and different kinds of students from around the world. And that's fascinating because it's a way also to engage with other ideas and other cultures.

I think for a couple of years I was telling myself that I'm only going to be able to work if I have the perfect studio. But, at the end of the day, I'm not there yet, so I'm more than happy. I just found the place and the time in this space to manage and work like this on my kitchen table.

Check out Karina's work here.


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