Living in Tuke House

20 March 2024

Student walking down steps between buildings.
Student Accommodation - Tuke House
Tuke House in the heart of Falmouth is purpose-built cluster of 11 buildings set around a central courtyard and contains 156 rooms, divided into flats of five.
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This article was written by Journalism & Creative Writing BA(Hons) student Amal.

Choosing where to live during your first year at uni is one of the toughest decisions, but I’m here to make it easier by sharing why I think Tuke House is a fantastic option for your Halls of Residence in Falmouth!

The first time I stepped into Tuke, steadily dragging my boxes and luggage to get to the top floor of the infamous pastel pink block, I was astounded by all of it. Firstly, it’s in the best location! Propped right next to the town center, it’s only a 5-minute walk to Tesco (super convenient for a quick grocery shop) and just a few minutes' walk into the high street, where you can find an array of boutiques, cafes and restaurants. As for the distance between campuses, it’s a swift 10-minute walk to Falmouth Campus and there’s a bus stop only a 2-minute walk away from Tuke, where you can catch any of the buses starting with ‘U’ to Penryn Campus. So, wherever your campus is located, you’re sure to get to classes on time. Another great thing about Tuke’s location is how close it is to the beach, being just under 20 minutes away! No need for a car or bus, as it’s an easy stroll. 

Moving onto the flat itself, it’s a small but spacious area with a communal kitchen filled with everything you need like a toaster, oven, microwave and a locked cupboard for each resident, as well as some other shared cupboard spaces – and yes, these can fit just about anything, from pots to spices to 1kg bags of rice (perfect if you’re the student that stocks up pretty heavily on food). Next to the kitchen area, you’ll find a leather sofa and dining table, perfect for holding those flat dinners! Depending on which part of Tuke your flat is in, you may bear witness to some stunning sunset views outside the kitchen windows, which make for lovely photos. 

Tuke House has just one room option, a single en-suite bedroom, meaning you won’t need to share a bathroom with anyone else. Each room contains one single bed (I’d recommend bringing a mattress topper, as beds can be a little springy), a desk, chair, electric heater (fab for the winter) and wardrobe. There’s a ton of space to fit your clothes in and that’s coming from someone who brought her whole wardrobe from home to her first-year flat, so I promise you don’t need to worry too much about how many clothes to bring. The desks are quite big, so there’s space for everything and if you’re a bookworm like me, there’s a shelf above the desk to keep all your favourite books from home, as well as any other little trinkets like figurines, photo frames and folders. Some bedrooms at Tuke come with a full window seat (yes, actually), so you can vibe on the windowsill and people-watch if that’s your thing.

Now you know all about Tuke, but you’re still wondering how you’re going to settle in. Well, I have some tips that might make the transition of moving away from home a little more bearable. My best piece of advice would be to decorate your room! Fill it with your favourite things: add fairy lights, posters, photos of your loved ones and anything else that will help make your room feel like home. Be sure to talk to your flatmates too and even others who live in a different block. Some of my best friends at uni have been made through my accommodation, whether it was in my flat or some people I’d met from societies, who also happened to live in Tuke. Flat dinners, shopping trips and beach days really help to build connections and will help you settle into your new humble abode. 

Choosing Tuke House for accommodation in my first year at Falmouth was truly one of the best decisions I made. Not only for its location, but also for the friendships it introduced me to and how much it helped to make me a more independent person, allowing me to enjoy university life to the fullest. 

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