My experience with the Support Services at Falmouth

29 February 2024

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This article was written by Musical Theatre BA(Hons) student Caitlin.

Hi, I’m Caitlin and I’m a second year Musical Theatre student. In this blog post I’m going to be telling you about my experience with the student support services, here at Falmouth. There are many different Student Support services available at Falmouth, such as financial support, mental health support, academic support, wellbeing support, accessibility support and more. If you would like to research the support services further, you can find information here.

I have the experience of using the mental health, wellbeing, accessibility and academic support services throughout my time at the university and they have been very helpful in many ways. I first got in contact when I accepted my offer from Falmouth, as I was able to create an ILP (Individual Learning Plan), which has made it easier for me to study. An ILP can be seen by all of your lecturers and it can offer help, such as having lecture slides printed off or sent to you before a lecture takes place, allowing you to leave a room without being questioned by a lecturer, allowing you to record lectures and many other things. An ILP can also allow you to get extended deadlines on any assignments that you may be struggling with or be stressed about. The ILP is a way to let lecturers know if you have any accessibility needs and it helps you with these needs, making university life go smoothly.

I used the Student Support services when applying for first-year university accommodation too. When I was allocated university accommodation for my first year, I was able to get in touch with Student Support to help me with appealing my accommodation allocation, so I could instead have accommodation that was better-suited to me in the long run and gave me the space I needed. They were super helpful, made my appeal easy to understand and helped me know exactly what I needed to provide and when I needed to provide it.

I have made use of The Compass, as this team is able to book in 1-1 sessions with the right people, if you need to talk to someone individually about something and you don’t know where to go. They are really kind & helpful and are available to go to Monday - Friday, 10am - 3.30pm, if you need to book in a session. The Compass desk is based in the Library at both campuses. They are always happy to help and, if you can’t go to them in-person, you can always send them an email at or give them a call on 01326 370460.

The ASK Academic Skills team at the university are a great team, who can help with essay work and other things. I have booked a session with them and they are super helpful when it comes to writing out an essay and knowing if you need to add things or change the layout, or just need some support proof-reading your work. You can book sessions with them through this website, where they also have tools to help with referencing and scheduling when working on an essay.

All of the support services at Falmouth are easily accessible and they are always happy to help in whatever way you need. If you do need help or support in any way, you can either call, email, or go in personally and they can help you with whatever it is you need. They are all friendly teams of people, who want to work hard to make your university experience as good and as smooth as possible.

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